Let’s take a look at the following points

1)What is deliverance?
2)Who needs deliverance?
3)Are there deliverance experts?
4)Is there a procedure for conducting deliverance?
5)Of what importance is the study of the names of demons?
6)Of what consequence is generational history in deliverance sessions?

The concept of deliverance is supported by the fact that there is a force stronger and beyond our control that is holding us down and requires the expertise of some special ones to set us free. This concept is man-made and totally contrary to the truth.

Text:Isa 43:13,Zec 9:11,Col.1:13,2Thess 3:3

The concept of deliverance that has been paraded by some is nothing short of an illusion, ridicules & hyper-manipulation.

True deliverance comes  from God alone via the instrumentality of the Word.

The concept of deliverance is a marketing strategy; we can’t seek the gift without the giver.

PS 107:20 he sent his word not methodology nor mediums. The concept of deliverance says “some are the special ones” sent for this cause it is a human arrangement that helps the persons being ministered to.

What’s funny  is that the moment you subject yourself to the gimmicks of the concept of deliverance, the clause that’s usually added is that if you chase one demon out be sure that whenever you renege,be sure to attract more.

The concept of deliverance never sets a man free but keeps him/her in perpetual bondage and fear it doesn’t help or set free.

There is only one true deliverance that sets free it comes by the Word.

The issue of consultation with generational history is another farce paraded by the concept of deliverance.

True deliverance can never be based on generational search or enquiry. Who did Jesus set free by interrogation? Finding out about lineage,forefathers,village/family details etc.

God sent Jesus for our DELIVERANCE. The word  SALVATION is same as we find in ROM 10:10 “soteria” in the strongs which means DELIVERANCE.

Text: Joel 2:32,Matt 10.8,ROM 10:13

“I fear any teaching that puts you in fear and bondage because its obviously from hell,God’s Word brings peace even though you’re walking through the valley of the shadow of death.”

Let me state categorically that a believer in Christ cannot need a deliverance session,when you become one with Christ the Word is working in you.
Pls Note-No man can kill demons.
                  -satan is not omnipresent
                   -demons are like pawns     
                    -rebuke the devil
                     -resist the devil
                     -of a truth there are demonic manipulations but the believer reserves the right to stand up against them via the Word.

Don’t get it twisted deliverance is same as salvation its in there in the package
delivered to us the moment we come to Christ.
Text: Gal 5:1,Jhn 8:32,John 15:7 

*Is the concept of deliverance saying the salvation package is not total? Gal5:1

You ought to stand when challenges come you’ve been set free!

John 15:7 if demons are tormenting the branch doesn’t that tell you might not be deriving sufficient nutrients from the vine?    Oh dear ones does Jesus ever need deliverance?
>Haven’t we been grafted into Christ?Don’t you derive your source from Him?
>Stop unfavourable circumstances,take a stand,invoke the part of the Word that addresses your challenge.

God bless you. Take charge this new week!

pastor lambert

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