Disillusioned by tribe

Before the contest, they where friends. Friendship that had lasted decades. Some of these friendship started from school, social associations, work places, e.t.c. Over the years great bonds developed which came with great trust, attending each others parties, felicitate, celebrate and share informations,contracts and seem closer than their own kinsmen.

Tribalism is the weapon of the elite(especially political elite).

A challenge or a bout among contesting elite; either of ideas, ideology or positions.

To gather more points, they resort to their localities and kinsmen. At least some cheap points are sure due to their tribal affinity with their own.

They manipulate the weak;weak in mind,reasoning and lack knowledge.

The battle begins!
the drums of war,
echoes of extermination.
The vibrations,
the earth quake’s,
only on the field of the less,
less in knowledge,information and hence understanding.

while they battle, the elites forget or fail to define boundaries among their counterpart in other tribes and religion.

And the battle?
They take to different medium/media,
the social platforms are not left out. Ironically some persons with less education,exposure,social standings are throwing tantrums at some others obviously not in his/her class. With a conviction that he/she is superior only on the bases of their tribe.
In playing tribe(tribalism),fools have revealed their folly.
No one has ever been better in knowledge,intellectualism on the account of their tribe.
I’m yet to see a person who comes tops in academics because of their tribe.
Some Nigerians have debased themselves to the level of animal believing that God has made their tribe superior to other tribe.
We may have environment challenges or experiences that makes us standout but that has nothing to do with our tribe/race.
Believing you are superior by tribe/race qualifies you a fool!
God bless Nigeria

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