Bond by blood because they are cousins. The pregnancy of the senior one, a case that seemed impossible but six months after, was the confirmation of the words told the younger by an angel. They both gave birth to sons about seven months apart. Foretold of the prophets their birth and assignments, confirmed by the angels, these two were born but didn’t meet each other for thirty years because the elder was driven into the wilderness by the Spirit as he lived on honey and locust. John as he was called knew clearly his call and assignment. He was asked several times to describe himself. Titles like prophet, Messiah was suggested to him but his response was clear ” I AM THE VOICE OF ONE CRYING IN THE WILDERNESS, PREPARE THE WAY OF THE LORD”
Typical of every mortal, the challenges of life came. He wished them away,but they refused to go, he prayed yet they leeched on him, then he remembered his blood line, the one he had just baptized and introduced into ministry as the Messiah. As the circumstances persisted, John sent words to Jesus “are you the one or should we wait for another?”.
This is the case with us believers in our down times we doubt our walk with God. Even the fore-runner questioned “is there another”?

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