He makes us commit to bringing pawpaw a day before our practical class. All seated and dressed in our white lab suits as if we were medical doctors but before our tables were no cadavers or even a patient, but a whole pawpaw. My chemistry instructor started taking off the outer layer of the ‘carica papaya’ he held in his hands. Afterwards,he cut the pawpaw into two equal halves and removed all its seeds. We wondered where all these will lead to as he dazzled the minds of these scientists in their embryonic stage.
“Repeat what I did” said my chemistry teacher and we all did. Next, was a transparent bowl with a small quantity of water in it. He took the halved carica papaya that seemed like a bowl itself and put some water in it too, he then placed the pawpaw carrying water inside the bigger transparent bowl. This means that the pawpaw was sandwiched with water on the inside and outside.
Our experiment hasn’t been done yet as we were made to observe the levels of water inside and outside, then he took a spoon of salt and put into the water inside the pawpaw. Though he made us vote where he should put the salt “inside or outside”.
1. The water inside the pawpaw started to increase.
2. The water on the outside started to decrease.
The water from outside started moving into the water inside. This whole process is called Osmosis.
Osmosis is the movement of molecules from a region of lower concentration to a region of higher concentration through a semi- permeable membrane.
When you get born again, God gives you a new spirit. Your mind (pawpaw) He doesn’t make anew and your body is the same.
The mind is semi permeable. Meaning information can pass through in two directional ways :back or front to determine who rules between the body or the spirit.
If you conform you mind to the Word of God your spirit will rule. If not,the present state of your natural mind with your past experience favours the body and your life in general.
From our experiment, the charged water determines the direction of water molecules and a center of attraction so for this reason, you must be born again!!
To conform your mind, chose to accept and act on all of God’s Word and promises to you from today.
To rule,you need a charged water(new spirit) and a renewed mind. The renewed mind only favours the recreated human spirit.

pastor Lambert Nwajagu

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