Every time you set out to fulfill a goal,task, assignment or purpose; You are bound to hear voices other than one, making strong impression on the walls of your mind. You get exalted as a judge before a debate panelist “for” and “against”. But at this cross junction of 3,4,5,6 roads as the case maybe, only one leads to your destiny and purpose. Only one is true, the others may be likened to the similitude between the wheat and the tares.
Note that many have gone through this lane and got distracted. Only a few have ever successfully gone through.
These voices include;
*Family and friends
*Leaders and mentors
*Media and social platforms
*Westernization and globalization
*Popular opinion
*Satan and the world order
*Your human spirit and the voice of the Holy Spirit.
Of these voices,the right way or descision is the one most likely to be ignored because; the right voice
*is not forceful
*respects your free will
*does not support man’s natural desires
*Could be a still small voice
The most likely to be ignored is the voice of God speaking to you through your re-created human spirit.
Unfortunately this life compass can not be accessed by most persons who dare to fulfill purpose. The absence of this is the reason why you see the rise of sorcery in this generation. They agree on the need for direction because the physical man can’t see other than the physical. So he/she hires seers but the great one has ordained the re-created human spirit as the authentic medium to reach and fellowship with man.
Prov 20.27
The spirit of man is the candle of the LORD, searching all the inward parts of the belly.

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