power ‘n’ mass

After a careful thought on issues in the front burner concerning our dear nation continues to take different turns. I have been sandwiched between two opinions, to comment on political developments or not. To a great extent the opinion of the priests are amplified but I have refused to extend my platform for campaigns to the political gladiators. To my fellow compatriot i say that no matter which side of the divide you find yourself, there is one thing we must collectively enshrine “that power must be of the people” . Let it be clear after every elections that it is the will of the people that produced the results and as such the leaders would learn never to take any opportunity given to serve for granted. There is no doubt that our leaders rely on propaganda to manipulate the mind of Nigerians. But we must stand to change any non performance and be willing to keep changing them at any time we realise a bad choice, till every elected man/woman come to appreciate that every thing they do or don’t do counts.

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