*DNA-defined as substance in living beings which determines their form and can be used to uniquely define their person.
*DNA proves the continuity of a lineage
*Resemblance is not enough to tell lineage as you must have seen or heard of someone that looks so much like you or someone you know yet no blood relationship.
*Our spiritual DNA is derived from Christ that’s our identity
*An illustration-imagine 2 sculptors decided to sculpt an image; one with frozen ice and the other with rock e.g Olumo rock
*True the ice sculpture looks beautiful but it’ll take a temperature rise to reveal its fleeting constituent the sun will melt it
*But not so for the rock sculpture it’ll outlive environmental fluctuations
*As becometh believers we were hewn from the ROCK-Jesus Christ himself
*He is our DNA Rom8:17,Jhn15:5 nothing can alter it. That’s our spiritual configuration
*No difference exists between us and Christ its the same DNA.
*The only difference exists in the unrenewed mind of the believer we ought to renew our minds in conformity(Rom12:1-2) with our true identity-His DNA
*Don’t waste his DNA maximize your life. Christianity is far from religious observations and behavioural expectations its a living relationship with CHRIST in His Word and a consciousness of who you are
*Same DNA-how do you relate to negative circumstances you ought to kick cancers out,sickness out,poverty out that’s your true DNA
*Cowering before life threatening circumstances that’s not your DNA Jesus spoke to the storms. You speak to your storms and mountains not psycho-analyse them.

Finally Col.2:6-10 God never made us second class we are of the same spiritual status hence DNA let the virtues of Christ flow freely through you. Live the life!Its the #samedna #samespirit.

God bless you don’t live less a great week lies ahead of you #samedna

pastor lambert

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