Lagos- Benin route has been shortened due to my frequency on that route. The suya men and their marketing representatives have insisted to be counted. Infact you can not deny the impression they make on you if you ever plied Lagos/Benin road on commercial transport. Your driver most likely will insist on stopping at Ore as most eateries lure them with incentives just to get their passengers into the pool of buyers. You will barely get down from your vehicle before you see an army of representatives with a piece of barbecue stuck in a tooth pick offering you to eat so you can have a taste. They seem nice and caring at first especially if you’re new to the route. You wouldn’t need a second visit at the popular Ore exchange terminals to be schooled on the motives and plans of these suya merchants. From the moment you accept ‘the Greek’s’ gift, you are bound to buy from them and you can’t change your mind on eating suya. Funnily,the piece you eat is numbered among the quantities you get at a price.In much the same way,many of us just give the ‘suya treatment’ what seems like love hinged on the concept of sowing a little piece becomes a hundred folds expected in return. In essence, what seems like care from the suya men is really no care. God established the need to; *honour your parents *give to the poor *care for the orphans *give to the church *love your spouse *pray for your leaders in government But as merchants, we always want to know what’s in it for us. We have treated every relationship with love that can only be defined by our own standards. We have offered gifts many reasoned as love but with an intention to reap more from our innocent victims. These suya-treatment is playing out in our homes, relationships, churches, society, etc. It is the man’s kind of love. Submit to God so He’ll input God’s kind of love into your heart.#agapelove

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