In our opening text,Paul prays for believers that we grasp the love of God which in verse 18 is expressed as being 4 dimensional. The fullness of God can only be experienced by you when you grasp his love. If you don’t have God’s fullness,circumstances and storms
will make a mess of you.
~No human love can compare to God’s-he is Love. Man bases love on emotions and feelings but God doesn’t need to feel anything about you he loves us unconditionally.
~The love of God has the potency no matter how deep and lost anyone is in sin, to stoop so low and take such a one to the highest height of being a joint-heir. Amen
~Mathematically speaking height and depth in a 3-dimensional shape will mean the same thing but with God’s 4-dimensional love, the 2 facts are distinct. Such amazing love!
~in the very popular John 3:16 is this 4 dimensional love expressed let’s see:
~1st dimension-the breadth (width)
“For God so loved the world..this tells us of size of his love. its not restrictive he loves the world-his love is infinite!
~2nd dimension-the length. This tells the distance he went for humanity,the extent his love went.”…that he gave his only begotten son…God gave everything, the express image of his person,the very word. His love for us went further than any love can possibly go. Amazing!
~3rd dimension-the depth. what was the reason he went the already stated 2-dimension? couldn’t he have raised stones? but for you and I his love stooped so low. man didn’t qualify; nothing about us who had broken God’s heart severally would suffice yet his love stooped to the lowest depth and found us.
The depth is wrapped around this “…so that whosoever believeth in Him…all man needs do is to believe its that simple. The depth of His love can descend to the messiest pit to fetch the most dirty sinner. No wonder when Jesus died,he descended to Hades, what could be more exhaustive.
Finally, my friends let’s look at the 4th
~4th dimension-the height. The utmost plan of his love is eternal life-his very life lived by us expressed-all the limitless possibilities.”…have everlasting life”. His love has made us everything he is. the highest position is become ours and us-we are seated with Christ, far above principalities and powers. What could possibly ail thee!
God bless you!

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