The head of the serpent is crushed

I once heard of a snake whose head was chopped off with a knife by a man it was trying to attack. At the slice that separated the head of the snake from its body, though dismembered,the head was seen running towards a direction and body also moving. This body movement continued for quite some minutes before the body finally came to rest.
God told the serpent that the woman’s seed( Jesus) would crush its head. Gen 3:15

Why not cut? Since crushing or cutting are two ways to bring the activities of the serpent to a halt.
When the man in my earlier story cut the head of that snake off, the head which still had the venom could still do some last minutes damage. But crushing it brings the danger to an end. Though it can still move its body and tail for a while when its head is crushed, the movement of its body before it dies completely can cause no harm.
Jesus came and crushed the head of  the serpent and set us free from the poisonous venom of the serpent( satan). The disease, pain,lack from the devil (serpent) is just the little  he can do to make us believe he is alive. He is dead and his antics dead with him.
Live above your fears cos the poison of satan’s bite is crushed. Bless your heart!

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