The prayer of Nehemiah

Nehemiah was among the captives taken into captivity by the Persian monarchy, he didn’t get famed for philosophy or oratory but being a pious praying man, became great and most honorable. He set out to build a wall, but left an enduring legacy of leadership, an organizer. No doubt these qualities earn him a top position in the Persian Empire, one of the grandest in the history of the world.
His new position did not make him take his eyes of his people or the things of God.
Nehemiah had developed the culture of prayer. He prayed in season and out of season. He knew about the promises of God concerning His children. For the Lord is their portion!
Now the Jews are in captivity, they have lost everything, their land, pride and are slaves in another land. But the heart of Nehemiah went out for his people. He kept praying for the land praying for the restoration of the Jews back to their heritage.
You may think that what happen to the Jews was painful because of the loss or were taken from their land but I will differ from that thought. It was more than being taken away from the land; it was a broken fellowship with God. The lives of those that escaped from captivity and whom were left in Jerusalem, buttresses this point. Their heritage exists only when they are connected to their source (God).
Nehemiah was also taken captive, yet he held an office of trust. He was trusted by the king. Therefore he lacked nothing. How did Nehemiah get this position?
When the ways of a man pleases the Lord, He will give him rest at all side. He found favor before God and God caused him to have favor before the king.
It doesn’t matter on what side of the fence you are; out of fellowship with God will cause you un-bearable pain.
That Hanani, one of my brethren, came, he and a certain man of Judah; I asked them concerning the Jews that had escaped, which were left of captivity, and concerning Jerusalem.
And they said unto me, the remnant that are left of the captivity there in the provice are in great affliction and reproach: the walls of Jerusalem also is broken down, and the gates thereof are burned with fire.
For every person that has been praying to God concerning a thing;
For changes in the country,
Changes in your finance,
Changes in your spiritual life,
You might have been praying and it seems God is far. Nehemiah must have felt same. He has been praying with no answer, until …..
What made the difference is what am about to point out.
And it came to pass, when I heard these words, that I sat down and wept, and mourned certain days, and fasted, and prayed before the God of heaven.
……that I sat important to recognize that there is nothing you can do by your limited understanding or struggle that can force God to move.
He sat down. He submitted that his thinking has failed. He came to the realization that his strength has fail and by strength shall no man prevail. As he became weak , he saw the strength of God.
He sat down, saw his pride (anything that exalts itself above the knowledge of God) and debase himself before God ..and wept,
Nehemiah was not weeping to the circumstance but to God, he saw the glory of God’s people striped of them because of broken relationship. You are not permitted to weep for the devil or any mountain that confront you but to speak to the mountain and incase of the devil resist him.
So he wept to God, seeing slaves walk on bare foot and servant rode on donkey.
Jerusalem was in shambles because God was no more there
And mourned certain days,… he showed sadness, not merry but pondering on how much the children of God have strayed.
Nehemiah cried, he was sad for days and he fasted and capped it up with prayers.
While in captivity, the least he expected was that those that escaped would have been doing fine though in the minority of the Jew. The report he got was contrary and broke his heart.
He has been praying but not with a broken heart. The news squeezed out of him the savor of compassion that moved God. The new heart kept him in God presence demanding change but this time there was consistency in his asking.
Many times in our asking, our inconsistency only tells two things; It is either that we doubt God or we don’t really desire the change.
Another point I will like to talk about is praying according to the will of God. Imagine going to God in prayers and asking Him to do something contrary to His will. If it is contrary to the will of God, you may have to do it yourself. So Nehemiah pray in line with God written thought concerning them.
It is ironic how we pray to God and doubt His willingness to help. They that must come to God must believe that He is and a re-warder of they that diligently seek Him.
Jesus said if you have faith in God you can say to the mountain.
Faith in God!
Not faith in yourself,
Nor faith in Government,
Or on any man.
It is faith in God that energies your prayer. Your confidence and trust in God is what move God to move in your direction.
Nehemiah re-establishes his faith in God.
And said, I beseech thee, o Lord God of Heaven, the great and terrible God, that keepeth covenant and mercy for them that love him and observe his commandments:
He had re-assured himself where his help will come from and out of the conviction of his heart, he spoke. Recognizing that God is the keeper of covenant, he took God by His Word and reminded him of His promises. God never forgets His promises but He is waiting for you to take Him on His word.

These are the prayer of Nehemiah:

Restore my broken fellowship with you

It is worthy of note that God deals with us based on fellowship. Nehemiah knew that a broken fellowship needed first restoration. It was the broken fellowship cause by sin that created the gulf between God and His people. And it seemed like God does not hear or save.
Nehemiah did the needful. Repentance and he confessed his sins and that of the children of Israel before the Lord.
Any man who is not hearing from God or God is not speaking should check his fellowship with God. And if you identify sin as the problem, just allow Jesus deal with it as He has already done.
Broken fellowship may also be because of the cares of this world. Work, chasing money, playing socials that you barely spend time with the Word of God or commune with the Father.
forgive us our sins

Nehemiah x-rays how far they have strayed from God and he tables his report before the great God that sees the intents of man’s heart. God heard the cry of his lips and that of his heart bearing witness that they needed God now.
Everyone who wants to make a difference in this world( have dominion and subdue the earth) must first have relationship with God( born of God) and secondly continue in fellowship with the Father. Fellowship with the Father induces the virtues, attribute of God in us. He has made us partakers of His divine nature II peter 4:

Remember me!

God has so much respect for His Word. This Nehemiah knew, so he came before God and reminded Him His commandment. It was not the cry of Nehemiah that create the change that Nehemiah needed but holding God on His Word. Yes his cry revealed the integrity of his heart but the word or will of God made the difference.
In asking of God we must know His will concerning our life. There is no need to pray contrary to God’s will. His will has been spoken of in His word.

Prays to find favor before the king

God can cause the resources of the earth to move towards you to achieve any cause that is in line with His will.
Jesus could perform financial miracles. In fact, He paid His tax from the mouth of a fish, feed five thousand with five loaves and two fishes. Yet Jesus permitted people to contribute in financing His ministry while on earth. God told the children of Israel to contribute to the building of the temple. But I want you to know that it only takes God to turn the heart of the king in the favour of any.
Esther asked for a favour and here Nehemiah is asking for a favour. He was the cupbearer which means that he is always before the king. Knowing the king is not enough. He had the trust of the king and that too is not enough. So he prayed to God for favour.

Though close to the king, he knew that his redemption was of the Lord’s and not the king’s. He went to God and never said anything to the king. Anything he needed from the king, he asked first of the Lord.

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