It seems nothing matters as they are all over, up & down praising and worshipping God. These angelic beings cared less about their own gains but all that mattered is the interest and the care of the FATHER.
Nothing to eat, play or calling for attention. Suddenly my eyes popped and I saw a scene. Wao! I had under or overestimated these beings.
A party! It’s obvious they are about to have a party. Their emotions were tangible; I could literally touch it. The angels are expressing the heart of Elohim. The party was more than ordinary. Joy and great rejoicing spelt out everywhere.
What could be moving the angelic beings into an emotional expression?
Then I saw the answer in the scripture as one of the persons detailed by the Holy Spirit to observe the works and sayings of Jesus within the three and a half years He spent doing the work of His Father- Dr Luke.Luke  penned and captured this heavenly cynosure. It seems nothing  stirs the heavenly atmosphere more than the home coming of a heart. Like an intercourse, creates the most satisfaction. The vacuum and emptiness in the heart of man can only be filled with that which was designed for it. The angels dance every time this happens!

Luke 15:7

#giveyourhearttoJesus make the angels dance!
Pastor Lambert

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