your life a molecule or not?

your life a molecule or not?

↝a molecule will always bombard the walls of its entrapped container.

↝the molecule’s direction is determined by the angle it strikes in the container.

↝sadly,lots of folks are just like the molecule no specific direction,no purpose,no destiny!

↝as much as 98% of earth’s sojourner’s live and die without having an inkling into their purpose like molecules they just go back and forth…

↝but your maker thinks differently, Jer.29:11,Rom 8:29

↝in finding purpose there is the generalized and the specific. We are born again to reach our world for Christ-the believers primary assignment-generalized.

↝God places us in his family (your local assembly) for your gifts and callings to find expression by so doing many atime,some have found purpose.

↝Moses placed by God in the house of pharaoh, had a unique/specific purpose of liberating Israel.

↝David found his specific purpose by tending after his fathers flock.

↝while working in line with purpose,the lion and bear will come but like David, you must take them down trusting in the Lord.

↝every giant taker must have succumbed smaller attacks first,Goliath can’t be your first encounter with an attack.

↝the world today is in search of men and women of purpose. Purpose is the vehicle to destiny.

↝Vision is insight into what purpose ought to be. Without vision you’ll be distracted from fulfilling your purpose.

↝finally,one very easy way to finding your specific purpose is to get involved with someone who’s found purpose e.g get involved in church join a group. Elisha found himself by following Elijah.
God bless you!

pastor Lambert

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