We Help You See Yourself The Way God Sees You

You are beautiful. Made in the image og God . Often times we tend to see ourselve the the mirror of the world. .

The only dirt that is real is the absence of fellowship with the FATHER. This relationship is only possible when you accept God’s plan for man’s redeemption from the nature of Sin.

Allow God's Love reach you

Answering Question

With the gift of wisdom give to Pastor Lambert he has the anointing to answering questions others fear to talk about.


The Emotion of a man sits in a place where no doctor or psychologist can reach. when the emotion is wounded unlike the physical wound cure eludes and it hurts. Most often the victim can’t tell the root yet feeling the pain so deep.

Pre-Marital / Post-Marital Counselling

Helping to be and married people understand the essence of marriage, strenghten the institution and provide support during trying times

Life Coaching

Coaching, teaching &mentoring


The Devil had been very subtle in attacking the family system. The economic pressure, the media has been some of the Devil tools in compelling parents to abandon their parently role. The outcome is ungodly seeds. We help parents see their role in nation building.


Helping and guiding single prepare and make the best of their singlehood and position themselve for change before they find their partner

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