Pastor Lambert

Senior Pastor, The Distinguished Church

Reaching the Lost and nurturing them unto maturity


Join people around the world as they bare it all at the feet of the Master, in worship,prayer and confession every Fridays 10:00 pm GMT +1

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Though the Senior Pastor of a Church( The Distinguished Church Nigeria), One thing rings loudest in my mind. It’s to reach out to the broken people. 

Adam & Eve

There has been a tremendous attack on the family institution. Sharing God’s views on Love, Sex & Marriage through conferences and seminars, books, and articles. 

LIVING with Lambert

Helping you live everyday, ministering to the broken heart and seeing you become a new person. Today healing for the body, soul and spirit. 


Designed to help people grasp the principles of Christ that are applicable for their businesses and every day living


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Ideal Love

People are stuck in their stories. Your story is a guaranteed path that determines how you behave and think. You live and relate with others through the lens of your story.

your story is summed up in all your life experiences right from when you were in the womb of your mother. No one can change a man without changing his story. How often people get into relationships and tried to change the person. you can’t change an adult cause he is stuck in his story. A baby left in his diaper till he cries and starts screaming gets to learn from that experience that the world is not fair till you fight. This forms His belief and belief holds his life stories together as he grows.

But there is hope. The creator of man knows the core of our being and has the creative abilities to recreate and transform. God can fix your mess. Reach us today.

  • Jesus want to change your belief (renew your mind)
  • Jesus knows your story.
  • He is compassionate toward you
  • Jesus Loves you

Additions come upon a person by an action which he chooses to repeat over time till it becomes habitual, then a character.

Once it has become habitual, you are in agreement to the spirit world that this is what you want. This opens a spiritual portal and a spirit is assigned to see that you continue in that habit. It, therefore, becomes difficult to break by a mere determination.

You would need to switch loyalty to a stronger spiritual power to break out. You don’t need to beat yourself, give up after many tries. There is a sure way which is allowing Jesus to do the job. Yes, Jesus can!

For this great Love God has for you is why he had sent me to you today. I do not be we are meet here by mere coincidence. We can go through it together. reach out and we are waiting for you. God’s Love is waiting

Remember the story of  Lazarus, the brother of Mary and Martha. He was called the one Jesus Loved.

He took ill and was sick. Jesus was told about his illness but he didn’t go to see Lazarus until He died

When asked why He did nothing about the illness of His dear friend He declared ”IT’S FOR THE GLORY OF GOD”

Does God glory in our pains and hurts? Rather God always seeks opportunity to teach us lessons we couldn’t learn ordinarily and He use to help more people in that state

God can use your hurt to change your world.

Accessing the Love of God can only be delivered to us through Jesus. Jesus is the only way to the Father. Would you like to accept His Lordship today?