2nd Aug. 2015
Text Jhn 14:1-2
#many mansion’s in my fathers house.
Verses 1 & 2 of our text are connected.
We ought not to be troubled about anything. Jesus says,  2. “In my Father’s house are many mansions:…” statement of fact.
This mean that the mansions already existed.
And then He goes further saying
2. “……if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.”
Here Jesus confirms His previous stand.

Time and again we were taught that in verse 2 Jesus meant he was going to fix our heavenly home but that’s not so Jesus is not a bricklayer of some sought.
The word mansion derives from the Greek word ‘meno’ which means a place, to stay in a given place or state.
This signifies therefore that the great Rabbi never meant our heavenly mansions or our relocation. Like a colony,it doesn’t matter where you are as long as the supremacy of God’s laws are in effect in your life.

What Jesus is trying to open our eyes to in this text is that there is a place for you in the kingdom.
Before Jesus’ death,his disciples were troubled that they couldn’t express their divine rights like should but by Jesus saying he is going to his father he is guaranteeing full exercise of the divine life through his own on account of his death(THE ULTIMATE SACRIFICE).The ‘mansions’ have nothing to do with personal buildings as some have thought and taught. Jesus simply meant the opportunities that await us as God’s children  are numerous. The Lord was simply saying that we need ‘meno’-to stay in a given place or state, to stay,to abide in a residence, steadfast,withstand. Your ability to stand unshaken upon the Word means you are staying in the mansions that already existed and Christ has given us access. There are lots of untapped resources. Jesus came so we can occupy these ‘mansions’.
Place means a spot, a place of territory, open space,a room,not closed-in,authorized licence. So Jesus is saying I’ll give you  authorized licence to access opportunities in my fathers house,”let not your heart be troubled, I’m going to my father’s house so you’ll have authority to access your place. There’s no vice of Satan that is above the sacrifice of Christ. When you’re in a situation faced by mishap what do you do?
you simply walk into the ‘mansion’- meno meaning place and lock out whatever negative situation is confronting you.
Hallelujah !
My question for you today is this?’where are you’?are you in the place? The place spoken of by Jesus, already prepared the ‘many mansions’.The many mansions tell us the infiniteness of God’s mercy so no matter your the issue there’s a place in the Word for you. From the place of the Word you speak your future to being. Demons can’t hold you ransom when you take your place.
In verse 6 we find Thomas enquiring after the place but Jesus tells him and us that its not a geographical place.
“I AM THE WAY” Jesus says.
When we doubt the glory and workings of God its because we’ve not seen Jesus. We ought to see Jesus by the Word as we fellowship with the Word we become one with the Word.
Our place and opportunities are endless.
The next time someone tells you something is impossible,go,find a place in the Word,take it. There is a mansion for you. Name your mansion: salvation is a total package.
How do I name my mansion you may ask?Go to the word and speak over your circumstance.
God bless you

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