synopsis of my book ”weeding the mind”


A canvass, paints, palette and brushes!

Ever before the first drop of paint kisses the canvass as the palette or brush rubs against the canvass, the artist must have already formed an image in his mind. Invisible to the eyes, yet crystal clear in the mind. With each stoke, the artist make visible his thought formed as pictures. His rhythm is a reminder of the sync between the invisible realm of the mind and the material realm.

The dots and the lines!

Colors and styles! All tells the wonderful pictorial story of the beauty and power in imagination.

It is his story as well as his creation. His mind has caused his hand to birth a master piece of art.

If the artist has no foresight into what he is painting, but consistently continues to apply strokes in various colors, an image will still be formed in the eyes of the on looker. It is a matter of perspective

The palette is a board or tray on which an artist arranges and mixes paints. Every stroke on his canvass starts its tangential from the palette and makes its impression on the canvass. With his brush, he can make his choice from one color or the other at a time, till every eye can understand what he is painting.

The palette is to the artist what the mind is to a creator ( any person that chooses to make a change) and the canvass to him what the material world is to any mortal (man). From the palette colors take their root to the canvass in little strokes, dots, and impression until an image is formed.

In little strokes or dots an impression is made on the canvass. In similitude little thoughts from the mind continues to build-up till there is a substantive imagery understood by all.

God gave every man a mind. This mind is what empowers him to be a creator, a shaper of circumstances around him and his world. Man can create any situation by reason of the thoughts he allows into his mind. Just like the colors the artist allows into his brush determines the color of his stroke on canvass, man must be responsible for the thoughts that are allowed to stay and grow in his mind.

Lambert nwajagu

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