Before each one of us was the conical flask. It was half filled with water. This was to be the last chemistry practical class before we entered in for our school leaving certificate exams. We were all excited as it was an opportunity to see the tangibility of the mysteries expressed in numbers, alphabets, symbols and formulae in our popular Ababio (chemistry text book). My instructor took a hard substance that had a crystal structure which was deep purple-redish in colour. This is the permanganate he explains. Reiterating, THE POTASSIUM PERMANGANATE as he breaks it into smaller fragments to allow each student get a tiny portion of the alien substance. He asks each of us to drop the permanganate into the conical flask and everyone did. Observations: 1.We could see through the conical flask made of glass, as the permanganate descended to the bottom. 2. The water was colourless. 3. The water molecules very close to the permanganate started turning purple. This process continued until the entire water in my conical flask became as purple. Conclusion: The molecules or atoms of my permanganate diffused through; from a region of higher concentration to a region of lower concentration. Summary: God’s intention is that His Word diffuses from our recreated human spirit (region of higher concentration) on the inside till there is a manifestation on the outside. When the diffusion is complete, son-ship is manifested *Rom 8.14 For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.

Pastor Lambert Nwajagu

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