As I took a seat on the second row of the 14- seater inter-state bus, I looked around to see the persons I will be exchanging oxygen and carbon dioxide with. Their faces told their stories and experiences. Different religious beliefs. As their faces differed, so did their values, exposure and educational state.
The checking-in was done and all luggage found their way into the trunk, underneath the seats and the aisle weren’t spared. Next the driver took his seat and a slender man with a big Bible under his arm joined-in, not having a seat, he stood and shut the door.
“Let us pray” in a baritone voice he says as he led us into prayers.
He was mindful of the kind of challenge commuters could have; from a sudden fault in the vehicle, to inflated tyre(s), to accidents, to the state of family left behind and as he mentioned each of these hurdle that could be life- threatening, everyone irrespective of colour, tribe and tongue choruses “Amen”(and very loudly too). Towards the end of the prayer the middle-aged man, like icing on the cake started covering everything that mattered with “the blood of Jesus”
He covered the driver, the car, our lives and all chorus in response “THE BLOOD OF JESUS”. Then the road, he started by sprinkling, then covering till there was SO MUCH BLOOD ON THE HIGH WAY!!
* Do we have the right to function in the office as High-priest with the responsibility of presenting the blood of Jesus before the Father?
*Ought we to sprinkle the blood?
* can we remind Satan of the finished work on Calvary
* Is the blood a medium or a seal

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