There is no God! Declared Lanre neither is there any truth in the myth of this God having a son Jesus. Lanre seemed to be knocking Peter hard as both engaged in an intellectual wrestling.
Peter is a friend and one I have respect for because he has great insight as regarding bible discuss.
I was counted in the number as the duo wrestled. Peter seemed to be dazzling. Throwing punches as he combined scriptures from Genesis to Revelation trying to have in his record/convert list an atheist. But like the frog waiting for the termites to loose their wings and fall, Lanre waited for Peter. “Prove the existence of your God” Lanre raged. Like a rattling gun he continued;
-is there a God and the innocent people are being killed in the North and around the world?
-the unjust go unpunished?
-babies are raped?
-churches are burnt?
Like a child being flogged by his father, Peter looked at me, he longed for help. The hunter had become the hunted.
If I was made a judge, it was a technical knockout! THE ATHEISTS ARE RIGHT ABOUT JESUS could have been my submission.
Jesus foresaw these. He had taken His disciples on a Bible school, leadership and mentorship program 24/7 for three and half years and when He was leaving, He asked them to wait and do nothing till the Holy Spirit comes upon them. Why did Jesus say that?
In the words of Jesus, “ye shall receive POWER when the Holy Spirit comes”. Power to fuel their witness which is the prove that Jesus lives.

But you will receive POWER when the Holy Spirit comes on you and you will be my WITNESS…
Lanre had not seen God, neither known God’s acts nor His ways. It will only take a WITNESS in the death and resurrection of Christ to convince the one who thirsts to know this God. Someone who has WITNESSED in power;
that the blind can see…
the lame walk…
deaf ears are opened…
the dead are raised back to life…
and the working of diverse miracles.
Stop arguing with anyone and start bearing fruit. Fruits are the proof of the life of a tree. Fruits are the only evidence that silence the atheist. Everyone born into the family of God has been given this power. This power is not an exclusive right of pastors. Until we manifest that we are grafted into the Vine and start bearing fruits, THE ATHEISTS ARE RIGHT

Pastor Lambert Nwajagu

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